How to apply for the Easy Credit Card?

This credit card is accepted worldwide and offers a credit limit of up to £1,500. Furthermore, it is an alternative that is easy to approve and simple to request.


Continue reading and see how to request yours!

How to apply for the Easy Credit Card?

The application is 100% online, meaning you don’t need to leave home to request yours, which brings many advantages.

To apply, first go to the Easy Loans and click “Apply Online”. You will then be redirected to a new page.

There, you will need to fill out a form. Among the information contained in this form, we find, for example:

  • E-mail;
  • Address;
  • Income.

Furthermore,you need to choose the desired card model, then just wait for the analysis credit, which can take up to two days.

If approved, you will receive your card at home within 15 working days.Unlock your card via the website, app or phone, and start using it.


Easy Bank is well known for offering financial products without bureaucracy and with approval, including for applicants with a bad credit history.

Therefore, if you are looking for a simple credit card with easy approval, this alternative is a good recommendation.

The main requirements of this financial institution include:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Residing outside the United Kingdom;
  • Proof of Income

Is it worth applying for the card?

Comparing and considering all the advantages that the Easy Credit Card offers, we can say that it is worth applying for the card, as long as it meets your needs well.

For those looking for a credit card without bureaucracy and easy to approve, the alternative presented in this text could be a good solution.

However, it is still important to know your interest rate and compare, to see if it is in fact the best alternative.

So now that you’ve found out how to apply for the Easy Credit Card, Visit the official website and request yours.