The SBI Card Cashback and its benefits

As the name suggests, this is a perfect card for those who want to earn a lot of cashback to save or buy more.


However, it still offers other advantages to its customers. Check out!

What is SBI Cashback Card?

The Cashback SBI Card is a credit card that offers exclusive benefits for those who shop online in India.

With it, you can receive up to 5% cashback on all your online transactions, without store or platform restrictions.

Additionally, you also get 1% cashback on offline purchases and utility bill payments.

The cashback is automatically credited to your SBI Card account within two days of generating your next statement.


What are the advantages of SBI Cashback Card?

The SBI Cashback Card is ideal for those who want to save on online shopping and take advantage of the best online offers.

With it, you can buy on any website or app, whether in fashion, beauty, electronics, travel, food, entertainment or any other segment, and receive 5% of the value back.

This means you can save up to RS 5,000 per month in cashback, depending on your credit limit and your monthly spend.

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In addition to online cashback, the SBI Cashback Card also offers 1% cashback on offline purchases and payment of utility bills, such as water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet.

So, you can use your credit card in any situation and still receive part of the money back.

Another advantage of the SBI Cashback Card is that it does not charge an annual fee for the first year of use.

From the second year onwards, the annual fee is RS 999, but it can be reversed if you spend at least RS 200,000 in the previous year.

In other words, if you use your credit card frequently, you can be exempt from the annual fee and enjoy all the benefits at no additional cost.

What are the main features of the SBI Cashback Card?

The Cashback SBI Card is an international credit card that can be used at any establishment that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

It also offers 1% fuel tax exemption at all gas stations in India, which can generate significant savings for those who use their cars frequently.

SBI Cashback Card
A credit card full of advantages.

This card also offers access to VIP lounges at selected airports for an entry fee.

You can consult the list of participating airports on site do SBI Card.

In addition, the card has the security and convenience of SBI Card services, such as request tracking, informative SMS, mobile application, customer service, among others.

You can check all the details on the website  SBI Card.


As you can see, the Cashback SBI Card is a credit card that offers many advantages for those who shop online in India and want to receive part of their money back.

If you are interested in this card, don’t waste time and request yours right now.

You will be surprised at how much you can save and enjoy with this incredible card.