The Easy Credit Card and its benefits To the British people

The Easy Credit Card offers many advantages to its users, especially British users.


Continue reading and learn about some of these advantages and benefits.

What is the Easy Credit Card?

The Easy Credit Card is a financial product offered by Easy Loans bank, a UK financial institution that has been operating in the market for over 20 years.

It is an international credit card, which can be used anywhere in the world that accepts the Mastercard brand.

It is also a credit card with no annual fee, that is, you do not pay any fees to have your card and enjoy all its benefits.

What are the benefits of the Easy Credit Card?

The Easy Credit Card offers a series of benefits to its customers, such as:


✅Custom credit limit:

The Easy Credit Card has a credit limit that varies according to your income and payment history.

You can request an increase in your limit at any time, subject to a credit analysis.

✅Interest-free installments:

It allows you to pay your purchases in up to 12 interest-free installments, or up to 24 installments with low interest, depending on the establishment and the purchase value.

✅Easy Rewards Program:

The card also has an exclusive rewards program, called Easy Rewards, which gives you points for every purchase you make with your card.

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Easy Credit Card

You can exchange your points for products, services, trips, airline miles and much more, through the program’s website or app.

✅Additional services and benefits:

Finally, this financial product also has several additional services and benefits, such as travel insurance, medical assistance, protection against theft and fraud, discounts at partner stores, among others.

All this so you have more peace of mind and convenience when using your card.

How to accumulate points in the card’s rewards program?

The Easy Rewards rewards program is an exclusive program for Easy Credit Card customers, which allows you to accumulate points for each purchase made with the card.

These points can be exchanged for various products, services, trips, airline miles and much more, through the program’s website or application.

To accumulate points in the Easy Rewards rewards program, you need to follow the following steps:

✅Register for the program via the website Easy Rewards or via the Easy Credit Card app, available for Android and iOS.

You need to provide your card number, document and email.

✅Use your Easy Credit Card for your everyday purchases, both in physical stores and online, in the United Kingdom or abroad.

For every 1 dollar spent, you earn 1 point in the program. When purchasing in installments, points are credited upon payment of each installment.

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✅Track your points balance via the program’s website or app. You can consult a detailed statement of your purchases and points, as well as offers and program news.

✅Redeem your points via the program’s website or app. You can choose from the various rewards options available, such as products, services, travel, airline miles and much more.

You can also donate your points to social institutions that partner with the program.

✅Enjoy your rewards. You will receive an email confirming your redemption, with instructions on how to use or receive your reward.

Delivery or expiration time varies depending on each reward.