Discover the advantages of the Destiny Credit Card

Although it is a credit-building card, there are advantages that the Destiny Credit Card can bring to make your spending much more controlled.


Since the card works exactly like a normal credit card, you will be able to make your purchases conveniently and without complications.

All this with the main advantage of accumulating credit and creating a good score for the release of future credits.

However, there are some pros and cons that need to be analyzed so that you can clear up all your doubts before applying for your card.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Destiny Credit Card

Discover the main points that make the card advantageous or not for your profile.


  • Immediate approval

The card has instant approval, which allows cardholders to immediately include it in their digital wallets.


This way, its use is now available after approval and unlocking of the card and there is no need to wait for your physical card to arrive.

  • Detailed reports

The issuer provides reports to the main credit agencies, which ensures that your credit-building objective is being achieved.

  • Customizable card

Another advantage is that you can choose between 3 card designs offered by the issuer, which will make your card unique to you.

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  • Fee collection

The fees charged by the card can further reduce your credit limit, plus high APR means that carrying a balance on that card can increase interest.

  • Annual fee

Another option that does not bring many advantages is charging an annual fee of US$ 175 in the first year and US$ 49 in subsequent years, in addition to a monthly fee that is waived in the first year of use, but in subsequent years it becomes US$ $12.50.

  • Low limit

As it is a credit building card, it offers a low limit so that you can use it and have the chance of an increase over time.

We know that some of the disadvantages of this card can be a little discouraging, but it’s worth remembering once again that it aims to help you build credit.

Therefore, after using it for a while and getting a good score, you can look for other alternatives that offer advantages and benefits such as rewards and cashback.

What is the Destiny Credit Card Limit?

As we mentioned previously, the card offers a low limit compared to other cards, its value is US$700.

Over time, it may undergo changes, but not very significant.

This limit is due to the fact that it is a credit building card without many requirements for your application and easy approval.

How to apply for your Destiny Credit Card?

Applying for the card is simple and without much bureaucracy, just access the card website and click on the “Apply Now” option.

You will then be directed to a page where you will need a very simple form with your personal information and some financial information.

Below you will see the terms and conditions for using the card, don’t forget to read them carefully and assess whether you agree with all of them, if so, just continue.

The card offers immediate approval, so pay attention to the communication channels you registered to access your response.

And that’s it, if approved, just start taking advantage of the benefits of your Destiny Credit Card.

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Although the advantages of the Destiny Credit Card are not as attractive compared to other cards.

It remains a good entry card option for creating a line of credit.

Therefore, if you are looking to start or recover your credit, make your request and start building your future with a good line of credit today.