Card with zero annual fees and cashback: Quicksilver Cash Rewards

The Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card has a very simple application process.


Since the entire reward redemption process is very practical, requesting it would be no different.

So, check out whether the Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card is really worth it, the entire process and how to request yours today.

Who is the Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card made for?

This card is ideal for those looking for savings and zero complications when redeeming rewards.

Therefore, if you have a good credit history and are looking for a card with lower fees and zero annual fees, Quicksilver was made for you.

Capital One itself offers cards that earn money at a higher rate, however, some may have an annual fee or even no sign-up bonus.

Therefore, Quicksilver Cash Rewards has become the ideal card for those looking for practicality and simplicity in their transactions.


Venture Rewards Credit Card

Requirements to request your card

Capital One requires certain requirements to apply for your card, such as being of legal age, proof of fixed income and having a good credit history.

This last requirement is very important to facilitate your credit card approval.

Furthermore, the stipulated credit limit will also depend on your credit history and fixed income amount.

How do I claim Quicksilver Cash Rewards?

To request your card, simply go to the official Capital One website and search for the card.

Then just click on the “apply now” option and fill out the form as requested.

Just below your details, the bank provides the terms and conditions for using the card, pay attention to all the information and if you agree, just continue.

Quicksilver Card REQUEST YOURS

After completion, the bank will contact you with a response to your request, so pay attention to the communication channels you registered with your request.

How to make the most of your card?

Now that you know how to make your request, pay attention to these tips to make better use of your card.

As it is a rewards card, ideally you should keep it as your main option, as the more you use it, the more rewards you accumulate.

Another important factor is to always be up to date with your payments and especially pay your bill in full, this will only increase your credit score.



The Quicksilver Cash Rewards card is the card that offers convenience from requesting to redeeming rewards.

So if you are looking for a card with no annual fee that offers advantages and benefits very similar to those with fees, you just found it.

So, be sure to request your Quicksilver Cash Rewards card and enjoy all the convenience that only it can offer you!