Exclusive Advantages of the Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card arrives as a premium option among the other available options.


The card offers exclusive advantages for those looking for a robust rewards program.

So, this card was designed for those who are willing to invest in an annual fee to access exclusive benefits.

Therefore, this Card is the perfect combination of exclusivity and exceptional rewards.

Advantages offered by the Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card

  • Exclusive Rewards Program

One of the main features that the Card has compared to the version Everyday Card is the higher rate of cashback rewards.

However, holders only receive their cashback on purchases in supermarkets, gas stations and streaming entertainment, among other partners.

  • Attractive Welcome Offer

This card offers a welcome offer to new customers, which means the opportunity to earn a reward for meeting required spending requirements in the first few months.


Therefore, this encourages the use of the card in everyday life and for basic expenses.

  • Insurance and Exclusive Benefits

In addition to rewards in the form of points that can be exchanged, this card offers exclusive travel insurance, purchase protection and extended warranty services, among others.

What are the benefits of having a Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card

  • Flexible Rewards Program

Points accumulated by the Blue Cash Preferred Card can be redeemed flexibly, allowing cardholders to choose whichever way suits them from the various options available.

  • Annual Fee x Rewards

Although this Card has an annual fee, it is easily offset by the exclusive services and benefits the card offers.

Therefore, in the case of cardholders who constantly use the card and take advantage of all the advantages the card offers, the annual fee is practically seen as an investment.

  • Access to Special Events and Promotions

As part of the exclusive package, those who have the Blue Cash Preferred Card can enjoy exclusives.

Such as access to special events, exclusive promotions, cultural experiences and additional programs offered by partners.

What is needed to apply for the Card

To apply for the Blue Cash Preferred Card, certain criteria are required by American Express:

  • Solid Credit Score

Having a high, solid credit score is a crucial factor for approval.

Therefore, holders with positive credit histories are more likely to be approved, as they prove to offer less risk.

  • Annual Income

Applicants need to provide information about their annual income to ensure they can responsibly manage the credit provided by the Card.

  • Personal information

You will also need to provide basic personal data, such as name, address and Social Security number.

How to request the Card?

The Blue Cash Preferred Card application process can be carried out online, through the official American Express website.

On the website, candidates must fill out a form with all the necessary information.

After submission, American Express evaluates the request and provides an immediate response.

After approval, the card will arrive at the registered address, then simply unlock it through one of the channels provided by the institution.


The Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card represents a premium option for consumers looking for exclusive rewards and benefits on their daily expenses.

As it is a premium version, the card has an annual fee, however, the amount can be considered an investment due to so many advantages offered.

So to enjoy the exceptional benefits of the Card, be sure to make your request and take advantage of all the best that American Express has to offer.

Blue Cash Preferred American Express Card
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