Discover Why the BJ’s One Credit Card is Ideal for You!

 Here, you’ll better understand all the benefits that the BJ’s One Credit Card offers and how to make the most of them.


You can also follow everything necessary and apply for your card today.

So, don’t miss any details of what we’ve prepared for you and finally clarify all your doubts!

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Advantages of the BJ’s One Credit Card

This card offers exclusive advantages.

Although it is a membership card, it provides benefits that can be quite appealing.

Additionally, you can also enjoy rewards and all the advantages offered by the Mastercard brand.

So, check out the advantages offered:


  • Discounts at BJ gas stations

You can receive a $0.10 discount per gallon at BJ network gas stations.

  • No annual fee

The BJ’s One Credit Card has no annual fee, which can be a significant attraction for you seeking savings on a credit card.

  • Significant Rewards

The card offers rewards on BJ purchases and at establishments accepting the Mastercard brand.

For BJ purchases, you can receive 3%, and for other purchases, 1.5%.

  • Rewards with

No Expiry Your rewards do not expire, so don’t worry if you use them within a month.

  • Standard Membership

Although it may not seem like it, membership is considered an advantage since it offers exclusive benefits and discounts.

Also, considering that if you use your card frequently, especially at BJ stores, the cost of membership is not high.

The association fee is $55 per year, and when you analyze the amount spent and rewards received, the value is worthwhile.


Benefits of the Mastercard Brand on Your Card

In addition to the advantages offered by the card itself, you also enjoy benefits from the Mastercard brand, such as:

  • Identity theft protection;
  • Protection for unauthorized purchases;
  • Global emergency services with 24-hour assistance.

How to Redeem Rewards from the BJ’s One Credit Card?

As mentioned earlier, rewards range from 1.5% to 3%.

An interesting and attractive fact about them is that they neither expire nor have a maximum limit you can earn.

The BJ’s One Credit Card also releases bonuses from time to time, so always stay tuned to the card and BJ’s Club communication channels to not miss any opportunities to earn.

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Where Can I Use My Rewards?

Unlike other cards that offer a reduction in the credit card balance, which is usually the most common in these rewards programs, the BJ’s One Credit Card does not work that way.

The only way to use your rewards is for purchases at selected establishments or membership in the Club.

Who is the BJ’s One Credit Card For?

This card does not exactly offer a robust rewards program; however, it is ideal for people seeking significant savings on market and gas station purchases, all through association and at BJ’s stores and stations.

So, if you don’t have a vehicle or don’t usually use your credit card for purchases, this card may not be an attractive option for you.

In this case, it’s best to look for other options that better meet your needs.

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BJ’s One Credit Card

How to Apply for Your Card?

First, you’ll need to become a member of BJ’s Club, and only then can you apply. So, simply visit the Capital One website and submit your application.


The BJ’s One Credit Card is the membership card that offers various benefits for market and BJ’s gas station purchases.

Although it requires membership in BJ’s Club, the card still provides significant savings and security for your purchases.

So, if you’ve discovered that it’s your ideal card, don’t hesitate to apply for yours today.

And if you’ve realized that it doesn’t meet your needs, be sure to check out the other available options we’ve selected for you.